Wow Super Hits (Hades Fades)

by Dramble Tony

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Loopy Friend 03:36
Tony Tool 02:43
Happy Om 03:10
Eternal Here 03:01


He's not really dead, but Dramble Tony finally died this time I think. Or at least he has gone away. After trouble remembering who he was, who he thought I was, who I thought he was, things just got too confusing for everybody. We have Jesus playing drums again on every track besides the drum machined Swordy where we hear Dramble Tony fading away indefinitely into the strange esoteric abyss he haphazardly has been creating for the last 10 years. Now that he is there with no apparent intent to return I plan to explore other things for a while. Seems like there is enough cool garbo to keep the world occupied until his services are again needed. I always kind of imagine this "Dramble Tony" guy as an alter ego of sorts but maybe he's the real me or became the real me and an alter ego made me believe that the alter ego is the real me. This person (me?) who keeps trying to get real jobs that lead to "careers" is the alter ego maybe. Every new "Dramble Tony" album I tell myself will be the death of the Dramble Tony persona. And maybe with the inclusion of folk tunes like Coo-coo bird and Tony Tool (Katie Cruel) and then also track like Swordy ((Faded, Fading) Talking to Myself) I can accurately imagine this guy's death or at least a new phase where he is stuck in limbo or "in a loop" in a different realm that does not interfere with the "more professional" alter ego who has somehow taken reign these last few years. In Swordy, hearing Dramble Tony tell me that he's not doing this for me, he's doing this because he's faded and then later because he's fading is perhaps something that professional Tony needs to hear to be able to focus on these Court Reporting courses I just enrolled in. Dramble Tony keeps finding a way to sneak back into a position of control/influence perhaps in fear of impending shifts in amounts of free/leisure time which is the time in which he can exist, which is fine as long as everyone remains friendly. It gets confusing to me towards the end of the album trying to figure out who is asleep and who wants to wake up now and who's nightmare is heard at the beginning of Happy Om and a lot of that storyline can get rearranged depending on the order of the songs.. And whoever the songs may have originally been about kind of gets muddied up due to a lot of these being updated versions of songs written years ago that never got released, sometimes regarding people who were in some version of my life at that time. But yeah.


released August 28, 2021


all rights reserved



Dramble Tony Modesto, California

Lofi bedroom recordings of Anthony Stavrianoudakis, former co-guitarist and co-singer of Berkeley-based slacker rock / sofa pop band The Drambles, current guitarist of synthy future sounds rock band Sabios and psychedelic thrash prog rock band Mega Warpy ... more

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